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Superior Technology

Our non-marking and highly absorbent microfiber cloths are both antibacterial for your health. It also provides ultra hygiene for your usage area.


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths do not contain substances that are not suitable for health and harmful to the environment.


Polish the surfaces with Microfiber cloths that you can apply for all surfaces.

Practical and Safe

There is no need for any cleaning liquid, it can be washed and used many times without wearing out.

Easy Operation

It can be washed in the washing machine up to 60°C and is easily rinsed after washing.


It is antibacterial thanks to its special raw material. There is no bad smell when left in water.

Time Friendly

Provides general cleaning and superior polishing for all surfaces. It tightens easily and dries quickly.


Cleaning Cloths consist of fibers smaller than 10 microns that absorb oil and water instantly.


It shortens the cleaning time and allows the person to take time for himself.


Thanks to its hydrophilic feature, it is suitable for use by asthma and allergic people.

Sensitive Surfaces

Thanks to its soft texture, you can easily clean even very sensitive surfaces.

To All Surfaces

Easy to use on large surfaces with its large dimensions in depth on all kinds of surfaces

Dust Collector

Microfiber cloths collect 40% more dust than traditional dust cloths with their special texture.

No Traces

Cleaning Cloths instantly clean the surface; then air and leaves no traces.

Microfiber Texture

Its texture gives perfect results on any surface without the need for cleaning agents.

Saves Money

It shortens the cleaning time and allows the person to take time for himself.

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